About the Brand


Over the centuries, Oshu City in Iwate Prefecture has built a reputation for quality ironwork under the name Nambu Tekki. Oigen has been manufacturing kettles, pans, and other ironware in this region of Northeastern Japan for 160 years. Oigen has ben run by the family of the founder, Genjuro, for five generations.

As a company, Oigen is not afraid of taking chances. They have been known to make sometimes reckless deviations from the traditional Nambu Tekki style of iron kettles and pans; however, Oigen believes that what is now tradition is the result of endless innovation. Some things must change, others must stay the same.

"Utsuwa" is the Japanese word for "vessel" or "instrument". The Chinese character is derived from the image of a person holding an offering of food to the heavens. Originally, it was natural for the vessels we use everyday to be made by hand. Oigen believes this should still be the case.

Oigen ironware is made with appreciation for the user, traditions, history, and food. Above all, it is made to bring joy.