About the Brand


[Noun] Abbreviation for "Sazareishi". A boulder made up of small stones.
[Morpheme] Attached above a noun, it  means fine, small, slight, etc.

Sazare is a word that means "fine" and "fine stone".
"Sazare", appears in the national anthem of Japan in a scene in which
Sazare (small stones) take a long time of 1000 years and 8000 years to
accumulate and become Iwao (boulders), and moss grows on them. It has been written.

Japan's honest manufacturing appears in the details.
That by bringing these small things together with the creators, users, and many people into a watch, it will continuing for as long as moss grows.
That is our wish.


Sazaré's Philosophy:

“The Beauty of Use.”

as a Contemporary Interpretation.

Time goes by every moment.
The future becomes the present and the past.

There are things that are born in one flow, things that change little by little, and things that disappear.
The clock is an icon of the flow.

Sazaré tried to make a watch suitable for the present to learn from the past and connect to the future .
We started with Japanese straightforward manufacturing and were particular about
"made in Japan".

A clock as a tool for measuring time, like a tool made by craftsmen .
Instead of simply eliminating the decoration, we learned the details cultivated in the long history of watches and aimed for simplicity as a current tool.