Product Description

"We must tell you this dust pan is much heavier than you would imagine. It is as if it were a chunk of aluminum. Dust pans are usually made by processing thin sheets of metal. Conversely, this heavy item is made by a casting method that pours thick melted aluminum into a mold which solidifies as it cools. Just making the mold takes considerable work, time and cost, and this whole endeavor may have been a reckless whim of ours. Efficient and convenient items that create little waste are sought out by the world, but by making such a heavy dustpan we are rebelling against such social norms. Just like art pieces graciously decorated in the Modern Museum of Art, please value the opposite of convenience in this item."

Area: India

Size: H 3 in. x W 11.4 in. x D 11.7 in.

Material: Aluminum