Product Description

The Arundel shade is the tip of a sphere; imagine slicing halfway between the top and the center. This shape emits more light, the same reason the machined base is quite tall—higher up with less in the way. Bulbs included.

3 in Diameter x 15 ½ in H

Bulb: 2 x E12 / 110 V / 4.5 W / 450 lm / 2700 K

About the Brand

In Common With

Nick Ozemba and Felicia Hung met on the first day of their freshman year in the furniture design program at RISD. After four years of intense material-driven training, Nick went on to design interiors while Felicia designed products. Few things are as magnetic as well-matched workstyles, so they reunited to form In Common With in 2017, and now they work on everything together. With Brooklyn as home base, they've built a top-notch team and a family of collaborators around the world.