Product Description

A 2mm grid notebook that can be enjoyed over time.
The second "String-tie notebook" aims to be a simple and long-lasting notebook. While keeping the elements of fools paper and 2mm grid, the colors of cream and white paper are used properly, and Tochigi leather is rounded. A full-scale notebook that guarantees a long relationship with details without gaps in every detail.

Uses "OK Fools Paper". The British "Foolscap" paper that often appears in the detective novel "Sherlock Holmes Series" published by British author Conan Doyle in the 19th century. This is said to be the root of "Fools paper". Fools paper is Japan's finest writing-only paper with excellent writing aptitude such as smooth writing and good ink absorption. It goes well with fountain pens and has raids and watermarks that are unique to high-quality paper.

Card stock folder pocket

Durable cardstock cover

String and tie leather closure

6.7" x 6.1" (170 x 155mm)