Product Description

Salty is a precision machined, stainless steel salt vessel meant to last generations.  It has a lid you can slide with one hand, a body of corrosion-resistant grade 316 stainless steel, a 3M bumpon pad on protect any surface it rests on, and a glass bead blast finish. All three parts of easily come apart, for refilling and for cleaning dishwasher safe) and the opening is made for all sizes of hands to reach in and pinch salt at the table or at the stove.

Stainless Steel (5.39” L x 2.71” W x 1.06” D)

About the Brand


CW&T is the art and design practice of Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy. 

They concept, design, and make real the things they want to see in the world. These objects and bits of code are spurred to adapt, augment, and transform our surroundings into something other than what was before.

The results are thoughtfully made, carefully considered, and overly engineered to do what they do and do it well—often for multiple generations. They’re made for the individual, to patina with your own wear and tear, and become a part of your life. Everything is made to be the last of its kind you’ll ever need.

They sketch, design, and prototype all their products from their Brooklyn studio. What they can’t do in-house, they work closely with talented manufacturers to bring into existence. 

It’s attention to detail that makes a CW&T product.