Product Description

The raw bowl casting is bead blast utilizing fine glass beads at high pressure to leave a smooth, velvet-like surface on each bowl. The aluminum is intentionally left unfinished so that it will naturally develop a patina with time and touch.


Material: Raw aluminum

W 15” x D 6” x H 4”

Made In: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Please note that our Raw Standing Bowl is unfinished and will naturally get darker and develop a patina with time and touch. The bead blast finish is somewhat fragile and more subject to scratching than our powder coated bowls. Avoid using aggressive cleaners, abrasive powders or wire brushes. Hand wash with dish soap and towel dry.

If the surface develops scratches, use a fine steel wool to gently buff out the scratch. Please note that this will slightly change the luster of the polished spot so be prepared to do this to the entire surface for a consistent finish.

About the Brand

FS Objects

FS Objects is the home goods division of Fort Standard, a contemporary design studio and manufacturer based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  

Their approach to design explores the interplay of natural materials and modern production processes to create distinctive designs rooted in simplicity and functionality.  These ethos run across Fort Standard’s furniture, lighting and objects.

With their obsessive approach to craft, each piece we bring into the world is made with natural, quality materials and built to last.  They focus on creating original, timeless design so it can be appreciated and used for generations. This is their approach to sustainability. 

They believe thoughtful design has the power to transform space and people’s lives.  The FS Objects home goods collection creates small, special moments to be enjoyed for yourself and to be shared with the ones you love.