Product Description

Polyacetal is a high-end polymer (plastic) with technical characteristics and physical properties that are particularly suitable for kitchen cutlery. In contrast to standard plastics, it is highly resistant to wear, impact and acid attacks from food.

Yves Charles, then a starred Parisian restaurant owner, inspired by the simplicity of the Le Français model, created his table knife, the 9.47. Born from a simple idea: to make a table knife with the same qualities as a closing knife. It is made to seduce lovers of beautiful cuts and ergonomics, as comfortable cutting a squid breast as a thick flank steak with shallots.  Simple and elegant, the 9.47 knife is distinguished by its pure and timeless lines.

Sold in sets of 2 in presentation box

Knife Dimensions : 227 mm x 19 mm x 10,5 mm

Weight: 0.98 Kg

Blade Techniques : Slow-ground and polished using traditional techniques with scoured buffalo leather.

Blade Material : Stainless steel

Handle Material: Olive wood

About the Brand


he Atelier Perceval manufactures and markets top-of-the-range kitchen knives, table knives and pocket knives. Based in Thiers, the historic capital of French cutlery, our knives are part of the know-how of this cutlery tradition.

This "Made in France" quality craft production is approved by the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) and Ateliers d'Art de France labels.