Product Description

The Mariposa dining chair is the building block for the entire Stemn Collection and is the winner of Interior Design Magazine's 2017 Best of The Year Award. Clean lined and very comfortable this chair will be a workhorse in your space for many years to come. Made from North American hardwoods, natural leather, and patented aluminum and stainless steel hardware. All parts are 100% replaceable / repairable for life.

Weight: 5.4 Kg / 12 Lbs

Best for 28" - 30" counter height

Wood: Charcoal Black

Brackets: Graphite

Signature Natural Leather Seat, Coal

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About the Brand


Fyrn was founded by Ros Broughton, a fourth-generation furniture maker. With the help of co-founder David Charne, an experienced business operator who left the world of massive companies in order to stay closer to home and family, Fyrn has used furniture to start a conversation about a cultural obsession with cheap goods, disposability, and the real cost of making something of quality here in the USA.

Based in San Francisco, Fyrn's manufacturing facility is run by a team of talented craftspeople. Using the skills Ros learned from his family’s history as well as what he gained from his grandfather Staff Broughton, who led production during the revival of the Hitchcock Chair Company, Fyrn developed a patented furniture system engineered for comfort, minimal waste, strength, and repairability. To approach reduce their overall carbon footprint, Fyrn has shortened their supply chain through domestically sourced materials and a hardware system that reduces the need for a large manufacturing and warehouse facility.