Product Description

Aesthetics is about sensing experience, and a product is just a tool to create and increase the experience. I’m concerned with finding a good balance between form and function – and regard tactile aesthetics just as high as the visual. Just find the feeling you get when the knife slice through a tomato without any resistanse…

Knives should be extensions of the hand, and by having a smooth transition between the handle and the blade, it offer a big variety of gripping possibilities. This makes the knife both versatile and flexible in use. The knife is made of molybden vanadium steel with an oak handle.

The Umami Santoku has been awarded the German Design Award by the German Design Council and Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council.

Clean and dry the knife by hand immediately after use – and store it safely.

About the Brand

Design Per Finne

Since 2002 Per Finne has run his own design studio in the village of Voss in the West­ern part of Norway. Before that he worked as associate professor in product design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Per Finne works with a wide range of projects, but with main focus on sports equipment and domestic products. Living in the midst of the dramatic landscape of Western Norway, his work is highly influenced by nature. He is concerned with designing products with a simple and clean expres­sion, and with a good balance between form and function.