Product Description

The design agency dottings developed food storage containers in sleek, timeless, modern designs and vibrant colours for us. The practical “manager” can be used in the kitchen to store teas, spices, grains or biscuits. The excellent storage containers perfectly preserve all the flavours of the food and can also be stacked to save space in the cupboards, while still being a great eye-catching piece of decoration.

They can also be used as a storage container for all kinds of utensils in the kitchen, and even for items in the bathroom and on your desk. You can use regular wax crayons or oil chalks to write useful information on the practical containers over and over again (e.g. contents, date filled, best before date, etc.).

Height: 6cm

Diameter: 13cm

.6 L

The containers are made from enamel and the lids are made from high-quality ash wood.


CO2-neutral production in Austria

About the Brand


Reiss is a family owned forge founded in 1550 in Ybbsitz, Austria that has been making practical and beautiful kitchenware for nine generations.

Through a 40-step handmade process, they produce a glass-finish porcelain enamel that is long lasting, heat resistant up to 450°C, non-reactive, anti-bacterial, cut and scratch resistant.

Today Reiss is known for its top quality enamelware, made in their carbon neutral facility using locally-generated hydro power along the Ybbs river.
Because the enamel is all natural, including the metal oxides used in the dyes, the entire item is metal-recyclable.