Product Description

Nuboho Miya is a third-generation craftsman and designer of Japanese traditional cast iron. Miya’s masterpieces are created in Iwate prefecture where his ancestors founded the Kamasada Ironware Workshop. Miya’s Nambu Iron Ornaments are inspired by simple shapes that take the form of various animals that marry these traditional techniques with modern design.

In folklore, the seahorse is believed to be a type of sea dragon, as such they were revered for their power and thought to be symbols of good luck. In Japanese, seahorse “tatsuno-otoshigo” means “baby dragon”

Material: Cast Iron

Dimensions: L3 1/2" x H2 1/2"

Made In Japan

About the Brand

Nobuho Miya - Kamasada

Kamasada was founded during the Meiji era over 100 years ago. Kamasada's goal was to produce an iron kettle that could be used year round in even modern day kitchens while still preserving the excellent craftsmanship of traditional tea kettles. Today, all Kamasada's product lines are designed by the head of company Nobuho Miya. Nobuho has a long history using iron products and is the main idea process behind each and every design.