Product Description

The stacked candleholders play with the transparency, color and fluidity of glass. By letting hot pieces of glass overlap before rolling them into a cylindrical shape different degrees of transparency and color intensity are created.

We recommend not letting the wax of the candle reach the glass to reduce the risk of the glass cracking.

About the Brand

Nienke Sikkema

Nienke Sikkema graduated at the Royal Academy of Arts the Hague after studying history and journalism at the University of Amsterdam.  

After graduating she started working at the Oude Horn, the glassblowing studio of Bernard Heesen. There she learned the craft of glassblowing and started executing her own designs in glass.

She describes her way of working as ‘playing with glass’. She lets the glass drip, stacks it and rolls it into a candleholder or sculpts animals with it. As long as the glass allows it and the material doesn’t have to be forced.. Shape, color, transparency and shimmer, all the qualities that glass possesses are used in her designs. "Hopefully this way people will recognize the fun of the making process in the objects that emerge from it.”