Product Description

At the age of 26, this was Richard Sapper's first commission, which came from Tullio Bolletta, the head of Lorenz. Bolletta had purchased a wagon load of obsolete torpedo electric movements which he thought could be incorporated into a clock, since "there was not a single modern model on the market, except for one designed by Angelo Mangiarotti."

Winner of the 1960 Compasso d'Oro Award, the design of the Lorenz Static table clock derives from the intention to create a shape possessing its own vitality. The base-plate is situated at a point on which the object would usually not stand; being almost invisible there is an impression that the clock is floating. The clock form is milled from a solid block of stainless steel with a counterweight to keep the clock perched upright, and cause it to roll back into its upright position should it be knocked over, giving it the stability which gives it its name.

The shape of the glass face is intentionally convex to avoid any distortions and reflections of artificial light. Each clock comes with a leather transport case and a 1.5V battery. 

About the Brand


Lorenz was founded in Milan in via Monte Napoleone in the year 1934. The founder and master watchmaker Tullio Bolletta sensed the possibility to combine in one product unique Italian style with Swiss technical masterwatchmaking. He was in the forefront for those times with the concept of Italian style blended with Swiss manufacture.

In 1960 Lorenz obtained its first international award with the Static table clock, designed by the young, promising, 29 years old Richard Sapper. It won the Compasso D’Oro. In 2019 Static returned to the market with a new Made In Italy production