Product Description

The form of this clock resembles the body and head of a person. The head of the clock can be placed on the stand at any chosen angle. Thus, we can express different moods while showing the current time. The clock can be perceived as raising its head, bowing its head, or even tilting its head sideways in confusion. When held, it is possible to feel the quality of its smooth hand-polished surface. Its addition to the workspace will create a harmonious atmosphere. Every moment that it’s seen can be a humorous delight.

Zinc alloy

Top-Ø47mm Stand-Ø34mm H79mm

About the Brand

No. 30

 At no.30, we create our products using skilled metalworking combined with our designers’ unique perspectives on life. The properties of the materials we use allow for no.30’s gentle and neutral lines, while our different surface treatments surface treatments ensure that each product can play a role in one’s daily life. From both their use and their appearance, our silent yet undeniably present products make subtle marks on our consciousness.