Product Description

A steel toolbox with a cantilever lid, one upper storage tray with adjustable and removable dividers and a hole for a padlock. Use for art supplies, makeup, medical supplies, tools, or tea.

Dimension: W373xD164xH124mm

Material: Steel

Made in Japan

About the Brand


Established in 1969, Toyo Steel was the first company in the world that successfully developed a deep drawing technology to make a seamless steel toolbox from a single sheet of steel.
Simple, durable, & rugged yet beautiful designed toolbox with “Made in Japan” quality.
Toyo products were awarded the “Good Design Award” and “Long Life Design Award” and have been loved for more than half a century.

Beyond just an “organizer box”,
Toyo Steel’s toolbox has been stored and enfolded in each one of our user’s life stories.
Starting from a small box, crafted with care from Japan
– your story will start and will grow over the years.

Toyo wants to be present with each of your life story,
and create a rich history together.
Until now, and from now on, that is the wish of Toyo Steel.