Roam is a publicly shared bike lock network.  

Roam locks fit onto existing bike racks  and are designed to eliminate bike theft globally, and in turn reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Roam locks are currently in pilot in the  City of Davis, CA and will soon be available everywhere bikes are found.

Roam Smart Lock

Roam App

Reserve a lock through app
Unlock with app
Lock bike, enjoy peace of mind
End session, unlock bike
Replace lock

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Replacing miles people travel in a vehicle with a personally owned bicycle is a powerful way individuals can address traffic congestion and in turn air pollution and global warming. Getting more people on bikes is a simple goal, requiring a unique combination of technology, community partners and cross-functional skills.  

Innovation is hard for even a single entrepreneur or company.  ROAM has worked across a complex set of partners using lean principles, agile processes to accelerate decision making and gain consensus on what was a viable solution.  Rapid hypothesis testing helped to eliminate options and test new creative hardware paths.

Municipalities, universities, bike advocacy groups, software developers, hardware experts, manufacturers, researchers,funders and entrepreneurs all contributed to create the world’s first publicly shared bike lock.  Our pilot launches in Davis, California this year.