As smart doorbells become more commonplace, the discomforting feeling of being watched as you ring begs for a warmer welcome.

Welcome is a smart doorbell system designed to make ringing interactions more friendly. The system is comprised of an exterior doorbell ringer, an interior ringer, and a mobile app. Both ringers have tinted mirror's with hidden screens behind them allowing them to blend into the home when not in use.

Doorbell - Exterior

Doorbell Ringer - Interior

Mobile App

Ringing the doorbell outside.

Accepting a ring inside.

The interior ringer's "accept ring with video interaction" was inspired by peephole covers. The camera needed to be covered when not in use for privacy concerns, so the interaction of uncovering of the camera was combined with the interaction of answering. Like a peephole, you slide up the cover, then let it fall back down when you're done.

Mobile App User Interface