A bit more about us

Max & Toby have over 50 years of combined experience in design.

Max Burton

Founder, CEO

Max Burton is a visionary product designer known for his groundbreaking work in blending the digital and physical worlds. He has held executive design positions at Smart Design, Frog, and Fjord, and served as a Creative Director at Nike, contributing to Nike+'s launch. Max founded Matter, multi-disciplinary design firm, before its acquisition by Accenture. He now co-founds Industrial Craft, specializing in product innovation. Max has designed for global brands like Disney, Google, and Samsung, with numerous award-winning products. He advises startups and enterprises and holds numerous patents and design awards.

Max's work has graced prestigious institutions worldwide. He holds degrees from Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal College of Art, and he contributes to design thought leadership through writing and speaking on design, technology and society.

Toby Stopper

Founder, Creative Director

Toby Stopper is a multi-disciplinary design leader with over 10 years of experience developing surgical robotics, consumer electronics, connected environments, home appliances, and furniture. Over the past year since co-founding Industrial Craft, he has led the physical, digital, and brand design development for two well-funded surgical robotics companies in the Bay Area. Prior to Industrial Craft, Toby held a central role in work with Auris Health, Samsung, Intel, Lyft, and United Airlines.  

Toby is passionate about working with cross-functional teams in mechanical, clinical, and software engineering, and branding and marketing, to implement a unified, holistic vision. As a seasoned design consultant, Toby is determined to reshape the antiquated relationship of client and consultant, toward a model that brings all parties closer together — reducing risk, saving cost, and executing revenue driving solutions faster. He is an adventurous pragmatist who strives to push the boundaries of possible while adhering to critical business and feasibility constraints.  

Toby is compelled to engage in innovation-driven projects shifting humanity to operate more effectively and with greater focus on our collective impact on the planet.